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Mar 3, 2013

Noblesville Basketball Cookie

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And there it is…cookie number two for Lily’s basketball teams is done. This one is for the Lady Millers, her school team. I could have done something really similar to the Team Elite Cookie and no one would have noticed, but as always, I wanted to push myself and see what new design I could come up with for a basketball cookie…this being my 5th one?!  Wow! But if there is on sport I know and love enough to keep trying to find new fun ways to design around, it’s basketball.

So, for this cookie I decided to make the whole cookie the basketball, I know, it doesn’t seem like such a novel idea, but it would be a first in my sports cookie designs. Making sure that in doing this, all the basketball details were right, it turned into a pretty successful cookie design. I have used the basketball design on a cookie many times, but this was the first time that because of the scale of the ball, I was able to really detail the texture of the surface. The black lines are concave just as they are on a real ball and the elevated grips you can feel on any good basketball are there well really elevating the ball and making it a more elevated design instead of the cartoonish designs I and many other people use when creating a basketball.

To make the logo and the name stand out a bit so the basketball isn’t the only thing to draw your attention, I added one of my favorite embellishments, clear sugar flakes. The way they glitter and glisten really adds emphasis to a border or a design element making the whole cookie draw your attention and want to take a closer look. More important here, it highlights the team name and logo making it about the girls and the team and their accomplishments.

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